Responsible Products

Shaping the future: Sustainable styrenics solutions

Our products are used across a broad range of industries, delivering sustainable benefits to both our customers and society as a whole.

We place great importance on a responsible approach to our product portfolio along the entire value chain:

Driving sustainable styrenics

At INEOS Styrolution, we design our products to make a valuable contribution for our customers and society. We achieve this by taking a responsible approach to our portfolio along the entire value chain – from procurement, development and production to transport and sales, and from integration into customer processes to intended use. We want to offer styrenic solutions that deliver a strong sustainability performance and render our customers’ businesses as well as end consumers’ choices more sustainable. Together with customers and the scientific community, we engage in collaborative innovation of cutting-edge sustainable products. By driving product stewardship and quality management, we ensure compliance with product regulations and deliver safe, best-quality and high-performance products to our customers. Together with associations and our business partners, we are striving to achieve high and well-acknowledged sustainability standards in the styrenics industry.

Styrenics: A multitalented material with sustainable benefits


Driving product stewardship for safe, top-quality products

Chemical products such as styrene can involve risks when not handled properly. Therefore, complying with product regulations and delivering safe, top-quality products to our customers is at the heart of our business. INEOS Styrolution takes its responsibility very seriously for ensuring the safety of end consumers, business partners, employees and contractors who process our materials along the value chain.

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