Message from CEO

Dear valued stakeholder,

We are pleased to share with you our GRI report for 2017. Sustainability is an integral component of our business, and the title of this report, “Living Sustainability. Together.” aptly reflects our ambition and our actions with respect to sustainability.

Since the introduction of our global sustainability programme in 2014, we have concentrated our efforts on resource-efficient operations throughout our value chain. Our aim has been to optimise our product portfolio to save energy and increase product yield for our customers and provide high quality, safe and functional solutions to enhance the daily comfort of consumers. Due to the increasing global challenges society faces with regard to the end-of-life of plastics, we have expanded our focus to include emerging topics such as circular economy, prevention of pellet loss, and further reduction of our carbon emissions.

We are delighted to have our performance and progress acknowledged with a gold rating from EcoVadis. This achievement now places us best in class in the category of plastics manufacturers and we are committed to continue on our path forward.

As the only global styrenics producer with a worldwide market presence, we are ideally positioned to provide both global and local products and services. Our products have become an indispensable part of our consumers’ everyday lives and provide solutions to societal challenges such as climate change, resource scarcity, urbanisation, rising living standards and population growth. However, due to inadequate waste management and improper human behaviour, certain plastic products are not disposed responsibly. This misuse of plastics leading to littering is a growing concern, which must be urgently addressed.

We believe that chemical recycling will significantly accelerate the circularity of polystyrene by unlocking its full inherent recycling potential. This solution brings polystyrene consumer waste back as a raw material without compromising its suitability for the most demanding applications. Chemical recycling of polystyrene contributes to reducing plastic waste, its leakage into the environment, and the use of fossil fuel. We have a proven track record in innovation and R&D and we are using this expertise to contribute to circularity. We have embarked on several projects focused on chemical recycling of plastics by collaborating with not only styrenics manufacturers but also the entire value chain. We have a long way ahead of us, but we are certain that this vision will lead to a more resource-efficient and circular plastics business model.

It is our responsibility to raise awareness on the importance of human behaviour and to use, recover, recycle and dispose of our products responsibly—within and beyond our company gates. Thus, we actively participate in the stewardship programme Operation Clean Sweep (OCS) and embed good practices for the containment of pellets in our day-to-day practices and management systems at all our production sites, and encourage logistics suppliers to also adopt these good practices.

Environmental management is central to our daily operations and is how we drive operational excellence at all our sites. Since 2014, we have converted landfill waste to recycling waste and have gradually reduced our energy use as well as our emissions such as dust and combustion gases.

Nothing is more important than the health and safety of our people, and I am pleased to report that, last year, we recorded our best-ever safety performance in our company history. The continuous implementation of safety measures and processes is a stellar example of what we can accomplish when we employ conscious, mindful competence toward safety.

Sustainable styrenics products will support the shift to a circular economy. With more than 1,500 products and 2,000+ applications, we possess the reach and scale to positively impact our customers as well as consumers. But we cannot do it alone. Therefore, we aim to advance on our path of “Living Sustainability. Together” in close collaboration with our stakeholders.

Kevin McQuade

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