K-Resin XK44

K-Resin® XK44 alone or in blends, can be extruded into sheet and thermoformed on conventional equipment at high output rates. The favorable economics of K-Resin® SBC, along with high productivity, have made possible tough clear disposable drinking cups, lids and other packaging applications. INEOS Styrolution has several grades of K-Resin® SBC tailored for your sheet extrusion needs. K-Resin® XK44 will process on most conventional equipment, allowing the molder to run a crystal clear bottle without expensive machine modifications, special molds, different screws, or dryers. K-Resin® SBC are blow molded in a broad range of sizes and shapes, from small pill bottles and medical drainage units, to very tall display bottles. They can also be injection blow molded into extremely high impact bottles with glass-like clarity.

Key Features

  • Good Clarity
  • Good Stiffness
  • Good Formability
  • Good Toughness
  • High Surface Gloss


  • Thermoformed Clam Shell Packaging
  • Thermoformed Blister Packs
  • Thermoformed Medical Trays
  • Blow Molded Products
  • Grade Version
  • Properties

    Properties of K-Resin XK44

    Property, Test Condition Standard Unit Values
    Rheological Properties
    Melt Flow Rate, 200 °C/5 kg ASTM D 1238 g/10 min 6.0
    Mechanical Properties
    Instrumented Dart Impact (total energy) ASTM D 3763 in-lbs 420
    Tensile Stress at Yield, 23 °C ASTM D 638 psi 3,130
    Tensile Strain at Break, 23 °C ASTM D 638 % 350
    Flexural Strength, 23 °C ASTM D 790 psi 5,000
    Flexural Modulus, 23 °C ASTM D 790 psi x 10³ 162,690
    Hardness, Shore D ASTM D 2240 - 65
    Thermal Properties
    Vicat Softening Temperature, B/1 ( 120 °C/h, 10N) ASTM D 1525 °F 168
    DTUL @ 264 psi - Annealed ASTM D 648 °F 127
    Optical Properties
    Light Transmission at 550 nm ASTM D 1003 % 93
    Other Properties
    Density ASTM D 792 - 1.01

    The nominal properties herein are typical of the product but do not reflect normal testing variance and therefore should not be used for specification purposes. Values are rounded.
    [Tensile Yield Strength/Tensile Elongation @ Break] = Type 1 @ 2 in/min (50 mm/min)
    [Flexural Modulus/Flexural Yield Strength] = 0.125 in (3.2 mm) specimen @ 0.5 in/sec (1.27 cm/min)
    [Instrumented Impact Total Energy] = 0.125 in (3.2 mm) specimen @ 150 in/sec (381 cm/sec) impact rate

  • Processing

    Processing of K-Resin XK44

  • Safety Data Sheet