K-Resin KR52

K-Resin® KR52 makes a clear, stiff, very tough, high gloss film suitable for applications such as candy twist wrap, shrink sleeves and overwrap. K-Resin® KR52 is designed for use in the uniaxial oriented film process for shrink sleeves.

Key Features

  • Excellent Optical Properties
  • Good Stiffness
  • Excellent Printability
  • Up to 80% Shrinkage at 100°C


  • Shrink Sleeve Labels
  • Multi-layer Films
  • Tamper Evident Bands
  • Roll-Fed Labels
  • Grade Version
  • Properties

    Properties of K-Resin KR52

    Property, Test Condition Standard Unit Values
    Rheological Properties
    Melt Flow Rate, 200 °C/5 kg ASTM D 1238 g/10 min 9
    Mechanical Properties
    Elongation at Break (MD) ASTM D 882 % 260
    Elongation at Break (TD) ASTM D 882 % 80
    Puncture, Energy at Peak Force ASTM D 3763 in-lb 27
    Tensile Yield Strength (MD) ASTM D 882 psi 4400
    Tensile Yield Strength (TD) ASTM D 882 psi 6500
    Secant Modulus, 1% MD ASTM D 882 psi 160000
    Secant Modulus, 1% TD ASTM D 882 psi 232000
    Dart Drop, 26 in (66 mm) ASTM D1709 g 580
    Thermal Properties
    Vicat Softening Temperature, B/1 ( 120 °C/h, 10N) ASTM D 1525 °F 142
    Optical Properties
    Haze ASTM D 1003 % 4
    Gardner Gloss (mold temperature 100°F) ASTM D2457 % 145
    Other Properties
    Density ASTM D 792 lb/in³ 1.01
    Oxygen Transmission Rate (23 °C/0% RH) ASTM D 3985 cc/100in²/day 210
    Water Vapor Transmission Rate (WVTR) (23 °C/0% to 85% RH gradient) ASTM F1249-06 g/100in²/day 6

    The nominal properties herein are typical of the product but do not reflect normal testing variance and therefore should not be used for specification purposes. Values are rounded.
    Typical cast film properties with 2% impact polystyrene, 2 mil (0.05 mm) (10 mil cast film oriented/tentered 5:1 in the Transverse Direction).

    [Vicat Softening Point] = Injection Molded Specimen.

  • Processing

    Processing of K-Resin KR52

  • Safety Data Sheet